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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe. CLIMB!

Hi, my name is Morgan and I'm a scaredy cat. I've never been the adventurous type of person who dreams of jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks or participating in a triathlon. I admire those people and wish I had just a fraction of their spirit, but just the thought of those things makes my heart beat faster. In fact, I've noticed that since my cancer diagnosis I've become more scared--of everything--but especially adventurous activities. This can be really frustrating because I thought after you beat cancer you're supposed to be able to do anything right? Well sometimes I let my fear get in the way.

So I'm proud to say that I conquered a fear last week when I went ziplining at Climb Works Keana Farms in Hawaii, where CLIMB serves as an acronym: Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe. Ross and I visited my BFF Danielle, her husband Kwame, and their two little girls in Oahu, where they have been stationed for a few months (Kwame is a Major in the army). We decided to go ziplining for Danielle's birthday and she and I were both a little freaked out at the idea of flying through the trees.

But we decided to rally and make it a memorable trip--and I am sooo happy that I did! As we were putting on our gear, I didn't waste any time telling the instructors how scared I was, but they were amazing at making us all feel comfortable and cheering us on every step of the way. There were 8 different ziplines and I was shocked how much fun it was. The ziplines were dual lines so I was able to zip side by side with both Ross and Danielle, so that added a layer of comfort. The scariest part was standing on the platform, prepping for the jump. I would feel myself getting super nervous as I stood on the edge but as soon as I jumped off, it was an incredible feeling to be hundreds of feet in the air!

Dani and I flying through the trees!

Throwing up the "shaka" hand symbol afterwards

Can you feel my excitement??!
The first few lines I was too nervous to look around, I just wanted to concentrate on holding on, but as the day went on, I was able to relax a bit and take in all the gorgeous scenery. The last 2 lines we even jumped off backwards and went upside down (well I almost made it upside down, I was kinda horizontal)...if you had told me that I would go ziplining backwards, I would have never believed it!

When we were done, our instructors shared their #AlwaysClimb motto and how they strive to push people out of their comfort zone and show how you can overcome challenges. Then they told our group how proud they were and what a great job we did. I'll admit, at that point I was grinning like a fool and getting a little misty-eyed. I thought about everything I've been through these past 6 years and how hard it's been...and yet I'm still here, still pushing forward, taking it one day at a time.

I saw my doctor the week before I left for Hawaii and he said that as long as my bloodwork continues to look good, we can hold off a scan until August. August! That would make 1 year since remission. It's both exciting and scary that he thinks we can wait that long. It's such a catch 22 because scans keep you in check but they also create sooo much anxiety. When that scan day comes, I'm going to do my best to remember the #AlwaysClimb motto, remember the fact that I can overcome any challenge, and remember the feeling of flying through the trees.