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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last day of chemo...EVER!!!

Today I had the "M" in the BEAM chemo that I've been receiving over the last 5 still blows my mind that I had chemo for 6 days straight. As much as it stinks to be in the hospital for that long, I do think that being here has helped me feel better throughout the chemo process because I'm constantly hydrated and given meds whenever I need them. If I was at home I would have to keep reminding myself to drink Gatorade and water and I'm sure I would be much sicker. That being said, I still wish I was at home (lol) but trying the find the silver lining in this whole experience.

Tomorrow is my "day of rest" where I have no treatments so that's exciting and then the next day is my stem cell transplant. Basically I sit while the stem cells are dripped into my body via an IV. Then they go do their thing...replenish me, recover me, heal me. It's a waiting game after that, because my blood counts are so low that the stem cells will gradually increase them. They need to reach a certain level before I can leave. I'm praying that I recover fast and I feel like I have youth and health (other than the cancer I'm very healthy...the nurses are always impressed about my blood pressure) on my side. I know good things take time but I hope this good thing has a fast forward button on it.

So we shall see.

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