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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting There...

I was sweating bullets today because I had a PET scan yesterday to determine if the awful ICE chemo is doing it's job and today was the day I found out the results. I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the hospital waiting room because I haven't heard good news in a while and I really felt like I was due some good news. So it turns out that most of the cancer is gone! I had several lymph nodes in my chest and armpit area that "lit up" AKA show malignant cells on my previous PET scan and in this recent scan they have all ceased to show malignant activity.

However there is one node in my chest that is still active, it has shrunk significantly in size but it's still there. I was pretty upset because this means that I will have to have another round of ICE chemo. I was told that I could only avoid the 3rd round of chemo if my PET scan showed that all the cancer was gone. 3 days, 8 hours of being hooked up to poisonous drugs is pure torture and I absolutely hate it, so the thought of another round is really depressing. Nonetheless, I'm trying to look on the bright side and my nurse said that the fact that the cancer went away in the other parts of my body show that I have chemo-sensitive disease and it makes for a better prognosis. My doctor even said "wow" when he saw my results and saw that the remaining lymph node shrunk so significantly. So I tried to pull myself together and see the bright side, but its still so hard when you're facing so many things ahead.

Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

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