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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I spoke to my doctor today and the mass in my chest is gone!!  The lymph nodes also are not showing any activity of cancer. Thank God!!!  It's a surreal feeling and I think it's still sinking in. I still have to have 2 more rounds of chemo just in case.  My doctor thinks that for a young woman such as myself, continuing with the chemo will be better than having radiation because the risks of me getting breast cancer in 10 to 15 yrs would be higher if I have radiation treatment.  So 2 more rounds, 4 more visits.  I'm still dreading going to the hospital on Friday but at least now I know that these treatments are "just in case"

I'm off to celebrate by eating tons of carbs!!


  1. congrats cousin. They call it moving through something and thats what you did. Enjoy your day. mel-mel

  2. Great news Morgan! YOU DID IT! Congratulations! Your bravery, your strength and your confidence are an example for all. Stay FABULOUS....and oh...keep the ATTITUDE. Lorna

  3. What a day! I'm so glad that we heard the news together this morning. Even though I have "claimed" it all a long, it was wonderful to hear Dr. Cohen say the words,"the mass is gone". Thank God. Sending you lots of love, as always,