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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Wishes and Birthday Dreams

My 27th birthday wasn't as painful as I thought (although I did find myself waking up at the unGodly hour of 9:30am one morning which to me is a surefire sign of age). But in fact my whole weekend was really good. Ross and I hit up a Halloween party Saturday night and I dressed up as a leopard and he was a safari hunter...AKA "Indiana Jenkins"! I thought the couple theme was nice since last time we tried it (at my 24th bday party where I forced all my friends to wear costumes), I was Beyonce and Ross was Jay Z but he didn't wear his Yankees hat so he just looked like a guy in a blazer and jeans. However this time our outfits were a hit, the night was fun and it ended at a Pittsburgh diner with lots of good food.

We also saw the Michael Jackson "This Is It" movie and it was a-maz-ing! I sang along with MJ. I received great gifts (thanks Mommie/Daddy/Ross), Ross cooked me dinner (isn't he the best?!) and we ate a yummy chocolate birthday cake.

At one point I ran into Barnes &Noble and bought 2 books: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, this sort of life-with-cancer survival guide and the Anti-Bride Wedding Planner (thanks Eboni for the rec!), a really cute wedding planner guide. If someone had told me that on my 27th birthday I would be buying a book about cancer AND a wedding planning book, I'd probably say, "Say what??" but that's what my life is right now...this weird dichotomy of disease and love. It's kinda crazy.

Next up...part 1 of cycle 4. I'm soo glad a chemo treatment didn't fall on my birthday weekend, that was such a blessing. I told Ross I actually felt like a "normal" girl because I allowed myself to flat iron my hair (I try to stay away from using heat on it), dress up, go out and not think about cancer for a night...simple things but they made me happy. However, maybe I should stop using that word because the Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips book says, "Normal--why would you want to be that?" which made me think, "Hell yeah, I'm not just normal, I'm fabulous!" LOL.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes!!!! Indiana Jenkins ... hilarious!!