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Sunday, October 25, 2009

27 Birthday Candles

One week from today I'll turn 27. Yep that's right, Nov 1st is the big day if you are reading this and you forgot (shame on you!) mark your calendar immediately :)

Birthdays have always been a big deal for me, whether its my day or someone elses' day, its the perfect opportunity to celebrate you! I'm all about a big party and a big celebration. Ever since I could remember I've been anticipating the next birthday and getting older and moving on to the next phase in my life:

4th birthday: My last birthday as an only little brother Garrett showed up a few months later!

10th birthday: Hit double digits! A big deal. Plus a double b-day swimming party with my friend Nichelle!

13th birthday: Finally became a teenager. Had a sleepover party at my house.

16th birthday: Dinner and a movie...I was just soo grownup

18th birthday: Legally an adult!

21st birthday: Finally able to use my real ID at a bar!

My mother used to always say "don't wish your life away" when I would complain about wanting to grow up and once I was in my twenties I think I got it. When I was a little girl I was always obsessed with becoming a "woman" and being a grown-up. However, when I turned 25 my friends and I laughed about it being all downhill from here...I know, so dramatic...but it just seemed that the twenties were the fun, youthful times of your life and as you near 30 you have to actually be an adult. Instead of being excited about the next phase in my life, each year since 25 I've started to dread it. As I look to turning 27, all I can think is "3 more years till 30...ugh!!" and 30 just seemed so...old (to my 30-plus readers, you're not old, I'm just crazy).

Yet, this birthday is a little different. As it gets closer to November, I felt the had the same "ugh I don't want to turn 27" feeling that I had before my 26th birthday, and I feel like I had to remind myself that so many Cancer patients hope and wish they had another birthday to look forward to. The American Cancer Society's new campaign is "Creating a world with more birthdays" and when I saw their ad in the subway, I was thought, "who am I to not want to get older? I should be happy to turn another year older!" The purpose of the campaign is to raise money to find a cure for Cancer, thus allowing more people around the world to celebrate more birthdays. So this made me I feel little silly about dreading turning another year older.

This year I'll be heading to Pittsburgh to spend the big day with Ross. I've always considered my birthday the kickoff of the holiday season, plus its the day after Halloween so its usually filled with candy AND cake so that makes it extra special. Logically I know 27 is just another year and doesn't mean that I'm getting old (when I tease Ross about getting old, he just says he's getting better) and I am moving to a new phase of my life...Cancer fighter and wife-to-be so I'm trying to keep that in mind.

Someone just remind me of this post when I'm 29 turning 30...


  1. Oh, you know I will definitely remind you of this post when you're 29 turning 30!!

    I've always been the same way about my birthday (must be a Scorpio thing), but recently I've realized how lucky I am just to see another year when so many people would give almost anything to simply do that.

    Every single time I feel myself getting into the "I'm soooo old" blues, I just think about all of the amazing things I've already seen in my life so far and all I've yet to see... and somehow manage to feel a little bit better.

    This will be a great year for you, Morgan. I just know it -- and I can't wait to wish you a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY next week!!

  2. Hi Morgan,

    You don't know me,but I know your mom and you know who my daughter is. I am Angela Amos' mom. Your mom has been a dear friend and mentor to Angie since she graduated from Carolina. Angela told me of your journey. I am praying for you my dear, as I know so many are. Your mom is a very special lady - how could you be anything but FABULOUS?! Great pictures here too. You are a cutie pie inside and out. Stay strong and joyful. I know there are times of fear but let them pass quickly as you remind yourself that God is bigger than any fear, disease or problem. God will take care of you. There are shoes to buy, massages to get and sashaying to do. I get it - I too have a deep appreciation for FABULOCITY.

    Sonya Amos

  3. Sweetie,
    I loved this post!(Ok, I love each of them, what a writer you are)Happy B-Day to the sweetiest little girl in the world. Daddy and I love you so much and to us you will always be the darling girl in the photo above. Thanks for making the world better with your wit, beauty and amazing spirit.
    Love, Mommie

  4. Morg,
    My birthday twin (almost!) I totally feel you on the getting old part (I guess it really is a Scorpio thing...LOL!). As I was lamenting my upcoming birthday a couple of weeks ago (of course that's just my dramatic nature), I had the same epiphany. Why should we complain about adding another number to our age, when we are so blessed just to be able to celebrate another one year after year? Your strength throughout this inspires me and simply amazes me. I'm always here for you and I love your entries! Stay positive!


    I hope it was a joyous celebration! May every birthday be fabulous and the next one even more so. Scorpio women do not get older, we get more fabulous. My birthday is next week so I speak with authority.

    Sonya Amos
    (get used to my name - I think of you often)

  6. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It's good to be a Scorpio :)