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Friday, September 11, 2009


So chemo #3 was today (well technically yesterday seeing how its past 1am now) and it definitely went better than the last one. Yea for chemo #3! I of course had my team with aunt Harriet and my aunt Michelle came with me and we had a good 'ol time in the chemo suite. Ross called me during the treatment and said, "you always have a entourage during chemo" and I'm like, "Of course! I need to make an event of this!" So the "A", "B" and "V" drugs went smoothly. The "D" drug (the one that takes an hour to receive) hurt a little bit at first but my nurse adjusted it and it felt much better so no more pain after that.

My aunt Harriet asked me how I decided to update my blog and I said that the moments that I want to document just come to me and I basically write them in my head before I head to the computer. I didn't think I was going to write today because I didn't really feel like I had much to say, but I was on my way out to dinner with friends tonight, and as I was getting ready, dancing in my room to Michael Jackson's greatest hits CD (RIP MJ, I was supposed to marry you---until I met Ross that is) I realized, "Hey I had chemo today and I feel good, whew-hoo!" so I felt that I need to document this feeling now in case the next few days get a little not-so-whew-hoo.

My mother reminded me to try and think positive thoughts (and drink lots of green tea and eat lots of ginger-thanks Mommie!) as I headed into my 3rd treatment and I admit it was hard at first. I was feeling a little down at the beginning of this week and I think it was the dred of having to go through the experience of feeling sick and gross again (hey, didn't I just do this??) and that's not really a picker upper. But I tried to get a hold of myself by doing things I would normally do if I lived in a Cancer-free world. So it's Fashion Week in NYC and my friend Chandra invited me to a show on Thursday night. Now us being us, we lagged around at Chandra's office too long and missed the show (made it just in time to see people walking away with gift bags--darn!) but it was also Fashion's Night Out, so we hit a few fashion parties afterwards, met some interesting characters, saw Brad and Taylor from The Rachel Zoe Project and had a really good time. Tonight I had dinner with a group of women that my friend Sherry put together, it was a good night of female bonding and yummy BBQ food (yep, the appetite is still intact...Virgil's BBQ hit the spot).

So I feel like I needed to write these moments down, both in my personal journal and on my blog. Times like this prove that that I didn't let Cancer stand in the way of living my life. Times like this show me that I need to look back on them and say yeah, I can do this! I can push thru the hurt, the scaredness, the nausea, the frustration, and the complete, utter and overwhelming fear to just be me. Whew-hoo!

P.S. The pic above is of me posing before my night out, gotta strut it while I can!

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