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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My mommie and me

My mom came into town this past weekend to go with me to my 4th chemo treatment...which means 2 cycles down! Yes! Die Cancer Cells Die! High fives all around.

The thing that bums me out a little bit is the the fact that my doctor told me a few weeks ago that he thinks after my first 4 initial cycles of chemo, I should have 2 more. Umm, what?? I had just wrapped my head around 4 cycles, plotted it on my calendar and determined that the last one would take place right before Thanksgiving which is perfect because I love the holidays. (Seriously, Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" is on my ipod 24/ just makes me happy). So as you can imagine I was really upset at the idea of more chemo and more nausea and more feeling crappy (and my hair, but more on that later). He said the option is up to me, but the alternative is radiation. Radiation scares me b/c of the possible risk of breast cancer and lung cancer 10 years from now...yes Cancer treatment can begat more Cancer because of the localized treatment...I swear it just makes you wanna scream! So even though chemo sucks it does seem to be the lesser of two evils, so we shall see.

For this treatment it was good to have my mom there and my friend Kamilla's mom Lorna came too (and she brought me plenty of ginger tea and ginger candy!). Things were running a little slow in the chemo infusion suite this time since they were kind of busy with a lot of patients. Thus, my mom and I were a little annoyed because we wanted to get started...well ok, and we were worried about being late to our massage appts that were later that evening. I was tempted to tell one of the nurses, "ok I've done this before, somebody get me an IV stat and lets get this show on the road!" Finally after what felt like forever, the fun began (lol) and we were done in time for our fabulous massages at Exhale Spa. A-MA-ZING. Just what I needed after being in the hospital for 4 hours...actually I've decided I need to hit up a spa after every treatment, you know just to ease my nerves...for medicinal purposes...Daddy are you reading this? :)

After our massages we had a great dinner where I ate too much (I've discovered my chemo loss of appetite only seemed to last one day...kind of a bummer since I have the problem of eating too much on most days) and then we watched the movie Fame. The next day we went to this great shoe event and bought designer shoes for $50 (Mine are purple suede Sergio Rossi pumps and my mom got a pair of Botkier gold pumps--I love New York!) We had dinner with a group of my friends Sat night and enjoyed some good ol' fashioned girl time and of course being fabulous!

It was great to spend time with my mom, although I was a bit nervous trying to make sure that my apartment was clean enough for her standards :) But she was a great house guest, so she's welcome back anytime.

As for how I'm feeling, its up and down. Today was worse than yesterday and I find that if I don't think about it, I feel much better and when I think about it, I instantly feel's weird how the mind works. I'm just happy that September is coming to a close and its almost October, that means I'm one step further to the finish line!

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