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Monday, September 21, 2009

It's nothing a little celeb sighting couldnt fix...

Well its a week later and I made it through the 3rd round of chemo feeling pretty good all weekend long. This round was vastly different from the last one and I'm so grateful. Part of the reason I felt so good was that I had my celeb fix as a seatfiller at the MTV Video Music Awards! My roommate Renee works at MTV and she got me into the awards show and I was really excited because I had the chance to sit near Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl, Lady Gaga, Joe and Jermaine Jackson and the ultimate...Ms. Beyonce herself! Seatfillers are those people who fill the seats at award shows to make it look full, they also sit in the seat of a celeb when they get up to perform or win an award.

Here's how being a seatfiller works: you get dressed up really cute because you might be on TV! (however walking to the subway at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon wearing leather leggings does make you feel a little...inappropriate). Then you wait in a really long line to go in a hot room with a bunch of other inappriopriately dressed seatfillers (sequins, heavy eyeliner, tight shirts, everything you could imagine). Finally after you are patted down by security to make sure you're not a crazy stalker, you are ushered into Radio City Music Hall to sit in the front of the theater. The production staff explains the rules: you only move during the commercial breaks and you go where the staff tells you to sit and if you happen to sit next to a celeb, DO NOT talk to them (hmm I thought, I'm sure Beyonce wont mind if I ask her where her wig is from). So I sat with the seatfillers for the 1st part of the show where I almost missed Kanye jumping on stage because I thought it was a joke. During the 1st commercial break I was moved to the middle of the theater where I sat right behind Jermaine Jackson and right in front of all the girls from The Hills. I have no idea what happened during the show at that time because I was simultaneously trying to eavesdrop on Lauren Conrad's conversation behind me and figure out what product Jermaine uses on his hair to make it look so....greasy. And his skin up close? Awful.  But I digress...

My joy of scoring such a great seat quickly came to an end when this guy who wasn't famous (uh 'scuse me, who are you?) came back to get his seat. So back to the seatfillers section I went. Luckily I snuck to the front of the crowd and was chosen to move to a seat 3 rows from the stage! Ne-Yo was right behind me and J.Lo and Marc Anthony were in the row in front of me. Can we talk about how un-bootylicious J.Lo looked? She was tiny in person which was very disheartening to see because if she looks bigger on TV than how was I going to look?? (because of course, I expected to make it on TV...and believe me I tried). Actually most people with the exception of Alicia Keys who looked normal were much tiner in person. 

My new seat was great because I had an amazing view of the stage and for some reason no-one ever came to get their seat so I stayed there for the whole show! They moved the celebs around when they won different awards and at one point I saw Beyonce's dad sitting in the front row, 2 rows away from me. Beyonce had just performed so I knew she would be coming to sit down soon.  And then it happened, she walked by, said hi to Ne-Yo and sat down in the front row. We sat in the same section, so that means we were practically sitting together...ha!

It was a fun experience.  I didn't get to actually speak to Beyonce but I was looking in People magazine a few days ago and there is a picture of her and Lady Gaga at the VMAs and I swear I see my head right behind Beyonce's weave! I remember when the picture was being taken and I tried to make myself taller to get in it...check it out above. I took a few other pics on my camera phone, they weren't the best but I tried to document it somewhat.  Sadly I didn't see myself on TV but thats ok cuz I was there, looking fabulous of course!

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