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Thursday, August 13, 2009

You have such a pretty shaped head

My dad said this to me after my 10th million "I don't want to lose my hair" rant and I almost cried. "True, I do have a pretty shaped head" I thought (lol), but I don't want everyone else to see my bald pretty shaped head!! I start my first round of chemo tomorrow and I'm scared. I feel like I'm counting down to the end of my "normal" life and I know its not the right way to think but it really baffles me that for the rest of my life I will be associated with Cancer. Sure, "Cancer Survivor" sounds powerful, amazing and strong, but its never something I ever thought I would have to think about in association with myself. However, it is the hand that I was dealt, so I must attack it head-on.

And speaking of heads, my mission these next few weeks is to hold on to my hair. I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma-Nodular Sclerosing which is the most common and "popular" type (yea me!) and I will be taking the classic chemo cocktail of ABVD which according to Wikipedia is the gold standard for treatment of the disease. Unfortunately ABVD is usually associated with hair loss however I am holding on to the fine print that states, "not all patients will lose their hair, everyone reacts differently to the drugs" so I am hoping that all of my hair won't fall out. I can't kid myself and think that my hair won't be affected, but I do believe that a positive attitude breeds positive outcomes, so I'm going with it. I've done some research and Nioxin hair care creates shampoos and conditioners for thinning hair and has proved to help reduce hair loss during chemo for some people. So you betta believe I have a full box ready to go. I also have my boar bristle brush to reduce breakage when brushing and my Global Goddess oil to moisturize my ends--battle tools ready!! And when all fails I am planning on getting a human hair wig in which I will channel my inner Beyonce--not that I haven't done that before sans wig. Hmmm....actually I have channeled B with a wig as you'll see in the pic above from my 25th bday/Halloween party...I do love me some Beyonce!

So we shall see, I know the odds are against me (about 75% of people do lose their hair) but that means I can be a part of the lucky 25% right? Plus I got a pretty shaped head :)


  1. Hi Morgan, I've been wanting to reach out but we've been on the move literally! Anyway you look GREAT as the Morgan Gabrielle Blond Boomshell! Hey why not go for it now ... turn somemore heads in the neighborhood:-) Love A- Shelia

  2. I love me some Beyonce too girrrrl!!! (I call her BB since me and her are of course tight like glue)

    This is Kathleen Ogilvie by the by! keep strong sis! I'm praying for you... keep writing as well. I love this.

    You're inspiring us all...