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Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Chemo

My first step, my first word, my first job, and now my first's crazy to add chemo to the list but like all my other firsts, its something that I will never forget. Surprisingly my first chemo was pretty anticlimactic. I went in at 1pm to start the process and they have to give you a test of the "B" drug (part of the ABVD combo) to make sure you don't have any bad reactions. So I'm sitting there eating M&Ms (yum!) b/c I heard you can get a weird, metallic taste in your mouth and I knew my beloved chocolate would help counter that, and I'm reading my fav tabloid magazines that give me all the celeb dirt I love, and I'm like, "hmmm I don't feel anything, chemo is great! whats all the fuss about?". Then the nurse comes by and I ask if I'm receiving the actual drugs yet and she's like, "no, that's just saline". Oh. Ok I guess I jumped the gun a little bit.

Luckily when she did start the "real stuff" I didn't feel anything then either. The trickiest part is that they tell you to tell them if you feel anything weird, painful, itchy or tingly. But then I get paranoid. Do I feel something? Wait, was that an itch? Ugh, I don't know. It did feel cold, so I told the nurse that and she said that was normal. The sucker was that she gave me the "A" drug next and I had read that was the one that makes your hair fall out. But I resisted the urge to say "oh no, no "A" drug for me" and accepted that this was all part of the treatment. So all went well and I didn't feel any pain or discomfort so that was a major plus. I was able to type on my computer, browse Perez and read some mags. My aunt came by to sit with me and even she was surprised that I seemed fine--there were some sicker looking people in the "infusion suite" (fancy right? they have comfy chairs, wi-fi, candy and TVs) and that was a little discouraging but gotta think positive! Oh, and the hospital has pet therapy where they bring by dogs so I got to sit with the cutest little Yorkie mix named Quincy and he really did make me feel better. So nice!

So when I was done after a few hrs (I tell you hospitals always keep you waiting! Glad I had nowhere to be) I was free to go. Took a cab back to my apt and then made myself a sandwich and chips while I watched an old episode of "The Game" (please BET bring back "The Game"--I love that show!). I did start to feel a twinge of nausea so I took one of the pills but so far so good, I keep telling myself, I'm strong and I can do this...without losing my hair (had to add that in there!). So we shall see!

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