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Friday, August 28, 2009

Keep 'em coming

As I mentally prepare for Chemo Treatment #2, I think about all the other times I've been to the hospital recently. Up until my initial lymph node surgery, I think I had been in a hospital like 3 times and the only time I was actually the patient was when I was being born. Honestly, hospitals kind of freaked me out, they smell funny and I swear they don't seem clean. I know, I know, it's a hospital and it's supposed to be completely sterile but they just seem scary and lets be honest, there are sick people there! But now that I'm one of those sick people, I have to change my perception and think of the hospital as my gateway to a cure. It must become a happy place for me, although I must admit my happiest moments are when I'm walking out, putting on my sunglasses, turning on my ipod and pretending like it never happened. One of the scariest parts of chemo is just walking to the hospital and taking the elevator to the oncology floor...I always want to go to the Birthing Center instead which happens to be on the same floor. Screaming newborns vs scary needles? I pick door number 1 please.

However, one thing that I do like about the hospital is that everyone is so complimentary there! I don't know if its a tactic that the nurses and doctors use to make patients feel better or they're being truthful, but I'll take it! The last few times I've been there, I was complimented on my shoes 3 times, my dress, my necklace, and one receptionist even told me that I look like a model! Who me? Noooo, stop it! I wonder if the compliments are a distraction technique so I don't notice the needle coming at my vein (hey it works!), but I've never turned down a compliment before, so I say, keep 'em coming people! Hey, further down the road I really might need some boosts to my self-esteem, so note to people with friends/family who have cancer...any compliment is definitely appreciated, whether it's about their smile, their shoes or their new engagement ring (wink wink).

So I've decided, from here on out, the hospital is my catwalk. Yes, Roosevelt Hospital, I am coming correct every time, head to toe with my best outfits. The last time I was getting a heart scan I was too busy thinking about how cute my new shoes look that I forgot to be scared (I could see them as I was laying down on the platform). I figure I can be sick (not for long!) on the inside but look good on the outside, so keep 'em coming!

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