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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a Wig Party!

I wouldn't be fabulous if I didn't make an event out of buying a wig right? So I decided to invite several of my closest friends in New York join me at Invisiwig (thanks Anique for the recommendation!), the wig store that I choose, for an official wig party. What is a wig party you ask? Well it's something that I think every cancer patient should do to have fun with your friends while picking out that special hair prosthesis (as the insurance company calls it--thanks Oxford!). My original plan was to get a black wig cut shorter to mimic my natural hair, but my BFF Dani convinced me to switch it up and do something a little different, so I settled on one with natural brown highlights and bangs.

It's funny, when I started thinking about my wig purchase, I thought I wanted something that looked like my hair and was pretty natural looking. Meanwhile all my friends thought I would jump at the chance to get something long, blond and diva-ish (aka Beyonce-like), and while I love B, I don't want to look like her everyday. So the brown wig was perfect, it was a bit longer when I first tried it on and I admit, the Diva did come out. I felt like I needed a record deal and a headlining tour ASAP because the look was so dramatic. A ha! This is why people buy wigs, I thought. You instantly transform from regular girl to pop star...all I needed was some big shades and an entourage. I was definitely feeling myself.

However, a long wig was too much for everyday, so after the sales girl applied it to my head with a wig cap and tape, she trimmed it to shoulder-length and styled it. Meanwhile all my friends showed up to give their approval---what do ya know, I do have an entourage! There was even champagne :)

Afterwards, we all went to a nearby restaurant for drinks and dinner where I rocked the new wig and it was definitely a good time. I'm so blessed to have good friends who are supportive of me. Shout outs to Dani, Christa, Jen, Kristin, Mary, Renee, Terri and Tiffany (Chandra, Rose and Kamilla you were missed!) They're here for me in so many ways and what more could you ask for? Especially when they tell me that I look fabulous!


  1. Morgan, what a great idea for the wig party! Daddy and I are so proud of your positive approach to this "journey" and you know that we are with you 100%. With God's grace and healibg your will come through this.
    Stay fabulous!!

  2. YAAAA!!! I'm so glad this place was a perfect fit! :)

  3. I am so proud of you!!! My little cousin is truly grown up!!! I admire your strength and fortitude. You will be a survivor because you have a positive attitude. I will continue to pray for you.

    Take care

  4. Morgie!!! Oh-- I do wigs because the men I love LOVE transformation. Just another way to up the anti on your DIVA-tude... And of course you are Fabulous! Snap for me one time... See you soon Lady.

  5. Hi Morgan,
    I don't know you but I'm a friend of Terri's. She recently told me about your diagnosis and your choice to blog about your journey. I love your approach and your attitude towards your HL (as you call it)! Your dignity and grace shine thru as the true gem that you are. I encourage you to keep your "pretty shaped head" up and a smile on you face. Trust and believe, God has a plan for your life. Amen.


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