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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Engaged!!

Yes! It happened on August 22nd in Martha's Vineyard, MA (how fabulous is that? lol). My fiance Ross (still so strange to say fiance as opposed to boyfriend) proposed to me at his parents' house in MV last weekend and it was wonderful. We've been together for 4 years and it's truly a dream come true! Our families have known each other for years since we used to live in New Jersey but Ross and I were introduced when I moved to NYC. Even before my diagnosis, Ross has always been my rock. He's there for me in every way possible--he really does complete me and he's my best friend :) Ok, going to start to cry now...

So here's the story: my parents were in Martha's Vineyard for the weekend as well and they came over to Ross' parents' house to take us out to breakfast on Sat morning. Ross and I walked over to say goodbye to his sister Becca (who runs a blog about life in Chicago's Oak Park, check it out here: and her husband Russell and as we walked away from them Ross asked me what I wanted to do that day. Now I often accuse Ross of not listening to me when I'm talking to him (typical man!) so I had already told him that I wanted to go to the beach and I wanted to eat lobster that day, so when he asked me again I thought to myself, "I told you already!" So I said, "I want to go to the beach and I want to eat lobster" and kept my "I told you already" to myself. Thank goodness I did, because then he took my hand and told me that there was one more thing that we could do that would make this day complete. And then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! My vision was blurred at that moment because I started to cry (happy tears for once!) and I was blinded by my new shiny ring (he DOES listen to was just what I wanted!) We hugged and kissed and then I heard a rustling in the woods and I see Russell with his camera taking pictures. The entire moment was captured on film but as soon as I saw the camera I tried to start posing (yes with mascara running down my face) because that's just what I do. The moment was beautiful and romantic and wonderful and I could just go on and on. And both of our families (except my lil bro Garrett--sorry buddy!) were there to witness it. Enjoy the pics above and here on Kodak Gallery. Of course me being me, I hate my hair because the MV humidity was not kind to it--kinda makes me think a wig isn't too bad now!

My friends have always teased me about the fact that I will be Bridezilla when I get engaged and I have to admit, the wheels are spinning. The wedding won't take place until June 2011, but I already have so many elements I've already thought about...note to my father: stop reading now....I want a chocolate fondue fountain, a 6-piece band, a photo booth station, etc....I have to have a fabulous wedding! So stay tuned.

One of the best things about being engaged is that for the last few days I've woken up thinking, "I'm engaged!", rather than, "Ugh, I have cancer". I feel like a fiancee' and not a cancer patient and that's amazing. I've often complained that this has been the worst summer ever because of everything from the mundane...the weather in NYC has been rainy and the grandfather passed away in June and my cancer diagnosis in July. So the summer of 2009 has basically sucked. But now it has a whole new light, a whole new's the summer I got engaged! And that's what I'll always remember it as.


  1. Hi Morgan!!! Congratulations on your engagement!! Yeah. You are going to make a beautiful bride. I know that you are going to complete treatment gracefully. Attitude is such a big part of anything we go through, and you already understand this fact. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 43 was a shocker, but we handle it as positively as we can with all of the love surrounding us from family and friends. And that will help in the long road ahead. I wish you strength, courage and most of all lots of love. Be well!!
    Rita Sutton(friend of Peggy Strong)

  2. Great blog post Morgan! Glad we could be there for your special moment. I knew Russell's paparazzi skills would come in handy at some point.

  3. Morgan and Ross' love story came to me through his Mom, Janet. Wow, all I can say is I want to be like you when I grow up! Love your energy and spirit. Healing is an energy you must embrace with your heart and soul.

    Sheree Franklin-Hill
    (P.S. I will be blogging about you in the near future! Check out